Vine Village Residential Program

Not just a program, but a real home and life!

Vine Village's residential program provides a warm, supportive living environment in two pleasant ranch homes plus a cottage. Residents may either have a private room or share with one roommate.

Our program provides a full, active, and meaningful lifestyle, with:

  •  full access to, and participation in, all the activities and advantages of living in the greater Napa community: concerts, shopping, library, eating out, movies, sports, recreation, etc.
  •  dances, swim parties, & barbecues at Vine Village
  •  bicycling & hiking
  •  bocce ball 
  •  eating out
  •  shopping
  •  concerts and performances
  •  movie nights 
  •  gardening
  •  pets allowed (by special arrangement)
  •  encouragement to develop individual hobbies and interests
  •  annual vacation to a location of the residents' choosing (lately it's been Tahoe, Reno, or Disneyland)
  • Each house has its own menu and prepares its own meals
  • Our staff is experienced & caring.  At Vine Village, we acknowledge each individual's needs for both independence and interdependence. Assistance and supervision are provided as needed, and only if needed..
  • Residents benefit from our unusually low staff turnover (it's a nice place to work, so good employees tend to stay)  

Vine Village feels like Country - But "Out In The Boonies" it's not! It's less than a mile from the Napa city limits. Vine Village residents use the taxi, the city bus line, VanGo and Vine Village's own staff-driven vehicles, and they are active participants in the greater Napa community, and all it has to offer. 

At the same time, living at Vine Village provides a  venue for forming deep and long-lasting friendships, and its grounds offer the opportunities for bike rides and evening strolls that might be intimidating or unsafe in the city.